Ferracuti & Co s.r.l. was born in 1980 and is proposed in the footwear scene in the molding of TR soles for footwear.
These are the years of the growing and thriving footwear production in the Marche region.

In the early 2000s the founder Piero Ferracuti, inspired by a beautiful
sandal in a luxury store, he began to create the first models of sandals using PVC, creating not a simple beach slipper but a summer shoe to wear to enhance the outfit.
It was 2005 when the production of the PVC sandal with accessories for large companies, still our customers today, began, becoming a fashion accessory.

It adds to the production models the rain boot, with the same style and quality criteria, the pvc sole assembled to the upper of different materials (wool, leather, synthetics).
Production models that over the years have maintained uniqueness of its kind and that our customers continue to include in their collections.

From 1980 to today our experience has become strong and rich, we are able to satisfy important brands by virtue of careful product advice that ignites new ideas and renews the trust of fashion designers and buyers.

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